Tips for a Better and Safer Move

Here are our tips for a better and safer move. You can also download our tips as a PDF document below.

The Guidelines below are aimed at customers choosing the self pack option. Packing Materials (where applicable) can either be purchased from our office or delivered directly to your door (mainland addresses) as a “Homepack”; the cost of this service will be added to your bill.

Should you need further advice, please contact our office on 01471 822777.

In order to make your removal as stress-free as possible, to be covered by our Standard Liabilty Cover and to avoid incurring extra charges, please follow the instructions below:


  • Ensure these are sound and in strong condition.
  • Do not overfill boxes. All boxes must be lidded, flat on all sides with no objects protruding and taped securely.


  • Pack larger and heavier items in the bottom of the box first then fill with smaller and lighter items for the top half.
  • Make sure that enough packing material is put between each item to prevent movement and possible damage. Pack plates, saucers and dishes on their edge as it is the strongest part. Pack cups, mugs & glasses on their sides.


  • All pictures and mirrors must be boxed or bubble wrapped.
  • Stand them on their edge and keep the tallest ones to the side of the box, smallest in the middle.


  • Must be packed into smaller book boxes as they are very heavy.
  • Should be packed on their edge with spines facing upwards to a maximum of 2 layers deep or 12 inches depending on size.


  • Black poly bags may be used for bedding, clothing etc but please ensure that they are of good thick quality (ordinary bin bags can be used doubled-up).


  • Upon request, we can supply portable wardrobe cartons on the day of removal for hanging adult clothing. They however are not available for Storage.


  • Beds must be dismantled prior to removal. Additional charges will be made if removal crew have to dismantle and re-assemble. Other F/P Items such Bookcases & Tables should be dismantled also. Remember to keep all screws, bolts & Allen keys together in a safe but handy place.


  • Dismantle and disconnect TV’s, DVD’s, computers, stereo systems and any other electrical equipment. These items must be bubble wrapped (few layers) and then boxed or cardboard sleeved.
  • Washing machines, Dishwashers, Cookers, Fridge & Freezers etc must be disconnected from mains. Washing machine & Dishwasher pipes must be drained of water. Freezers thoroughly defrosted and free of any water or ice.
  • All table lamps must be boxed. Shades removed and box.


  • All garden tools/hoses must be cleaned & drained. Hand tools taped in bundles of 4.
  • Garage items (i.e. small tools etc) should be boxed and lidded.

REMINDER – Pot plants are carried at your own risk, – they tend to break/crack in transit.

REMEMBER – no liquids (flammable or otherwise), gas bottles (empty or full), paints or wet batteries can be carried.


  • Please sort, clear and bring down to next level.

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