The move was from Aberdeenshire to the Isle of Jura. This involved a 250 mile road trip and 2 hr ferry crossing then a 5 min crossing to Jura. The last part was the most challenging as the ferry only takes 8 cars and the 12m van was at its limits for embarking / disembarking. As it was high tide it required use of the auxiliary landing jetty on Jura that has a shallower incline. The single track road on Jura and the gate access into the property from the single track road was also difficult but they made it.

The team arrived on time and were friendly helpful and efficient. The loading went well, spread over the afternoon of the first day and into the morning of the second. At Jura waiting for the high tide for the ferry meant their arrival was delayed. The approaching bad weather meant they had only one opportunity to get off the island before being stranded on the island that was the high tide early the following morning. The 3 man team started unloading around 17.00 and carried on until after 22.00 when they finished unloading. They left at 06.00 the following morning. Despite the time pressure they remained helpful and pleasant throughout. This level of service is exceptional and we could not recommend them highly enough.

Mr MacDonald